Margarita March

What’s a few margaritas between friends? Even though March is the officially the start of autumn, we know that the weather stays warm and sunny for a little while longer on the Beaches. In comes Margarita March; the Park House margies are a perfect choice to for those sunny afternoon sessions, old catch ups and to generally get the good times rolling.

$12 Classic Margaritas

$18 Signature Margaritas


Signature Margaritas include; Jalapeno, Grapefruit, Tropical and the Bloodhound.

Bars March

Park House is working with Bars March to support Animal Welfare NSW.

$1 from every Bloodhound Margarita sold will go to the charity.


cocktail for the margarita march menu
cocktails lined up for margarita march
margarita at park house for the month long promotion

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