Helping Animals Of All Walks of Life Find a Home

Every Animal Needs A Home


Every animal is unique and has their own personality, which we celebrate and adore about them. They make us feel great on the inside and provide us with the unconditional love that no human can. They’re precious in ways that we can’t describe and have emotions equal to that of a humans.

Last year there was a total of 137,391 animals being put into shelters, with 55,000 cats and 45,000 dogs. That’s a whole lot of animals to be winding up in a shelter and a whole lot of animals that need loving people to get them into a stable and loving home. The promising statistic on this is that about 60% of all these animals ended up being either re-claimed or re-homed, but there is still room for improvement. That’s where Pound Paws comes into the picture. They are an organisation based around increasing awareness and actively re-homing animals from shelters.

About Pound Paws


Pound Paws has been working hard the last few years to drastically improve the stats surrounding animals ending up in shelters; they aim to educate people about the benefits of adopting rather than buying, how and where to adopt and reasons why you should always make sure you can have a pet before owning one. Using social media as their main source of educating, they’ve quickly gained a lot of traction via their viral posts that directly aim to re-home a particular animal.

The team at Pound Paws has been pioneering more ways to get the word out and get more animals out of shelters. These include rescue dog picnics, rescue dog fashion parades, dog days at venues and clothing ranges where revenue goes toward pounds. They are the voice for animals that don’t have one of their own, that will continue to help get animals the loving families that they deserve.

We’ll be hosting the Pound Paw Day on Sunday, 3rd November – so bring your pooch and help us support a great cause!

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