How to Nail Cheap and Cheerful Dinners

If you can’t make it for Park House specials 

We all want to catch up with our friends, past colleagues, family and pets as often as possible, but sometimes it’s hard to have a meal and a few drinks without feeling like you’ve emptied out your entire wallet and some coins too. Here are some of Park House’s favourite and cheap dinner ideas.

oysters, burgers, pizzas as part of park house specials

Fajita Night

Sizzle, sizzle, this is first on our list! You may be able to tell Mexican flavours are a favourite at Park House; there’s a bunch of chilli, fresh salsas and beautiful herbs and spices across the menu. Cook some capsicum with protein or veges of our choice, serve with some tortillas and smorgasbord of toppings and condiments and you’re sorted. Why not add a spicy margie to the mix?

spicy margarita topped with jalapeno

Pasta Night

Similarly to fajita night, there is so many different ingredients and recipes you can enjoy with a pasta night. Start with a bit of butter and add as you desire. We love zest, chilli, fresh prawns, more butter and a heavy sprinkle of parsley.

prawn spaghetti topped with fish rose

‘The Big Salad’

So you’ve had a bit of a string of carby lunches and now you’re ready to pump the breaks. Think of the grocery shop like a Subway assembly line. Add what you love, grab a few sauce options and  a roast chicken to make a really wholesome dinner that will leave you feeling fresh! Swap your protein for fresh sashimi and you’ve got yourself a poke bowl.

salmon poke and salmon dish at park house

Having kitchen renos? Too tired for the above? Check out our daily specials like 2 4 1 meals, half price pizzas and $10 cocktails to keep your wallet happy! (And no cleaning up afterwards…)