Celebrate Dad at Our House!

If you’re looking at options for Father’s Day, Park House has three to cater for all Dads! Whether he wants to unwind with a burger and beer or enjoy a banquet with the extended family, we have something every Dad.

If Dad Wants a Feast

At Park House Food Merchants, we’ve created a Father’s Day Feast, fit for a king, starting with wood fired breads, our signature Applewood Smoked Labneh (and more). The feast continues with Harissa Spiced Wood Roasted Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower and 12 Hour Braised Wagy Brisket…take a look at our full menu.

And the cherry on top of the Epic Choc Fudge Brownie that you’ll be served as dessert? All Dads booked in get a beer and a pair of socks from the Critical Slides Society; (no need to buy socks this year.)

fathers day feast at park house food merchants

If Dad Wants to Play Ping Pong and Mix n Match Tacos

It’s time for Truck Stop to officially launch and what better day than Father’s Day! If you need a space that’s a one stop shop for the kids, some lunch and a beer or two, come and say hello.

the truck stop at mona vales park house- lots of bright colours

If Dad Wants a Monster Burger and Sport

If you ask Dad what he wants to do and he gives a little shrug and groan, this might be the casual way to go. Front Yard has the best burgers and biggest screen in the Northern Beaches, so it’s a no brainer for Dads that are down to relax.

burgers in front yard

For any groups coming into Truck Stop or Front Yard, no need to book! Walk ins are most welcome.

Think your Dad is up for feasting? Book now for the Father’s Day Feast!

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