UFC Fun Facts

Excited as we are for the next UFC bout? Gear up for the main event with some interesting facts about everyone’s fave fighting match.

Ultimate Fighting Champion or UFC has catapulted in popularity over the past few years, now considered a billion dollar industry. It’s pretty clear we just can’t get enough of the stuff! Many believe winning a UFC bout would earn you the title of best fighter in the world. Whether you agree or not, it’s a pretty crazy sport, drawing punters in from around the globe. Get yourself acquainted with some interesting fun facts about UFC below…


Zuffa; the American sports promotion agency purchased UFC for a cool $2 million in 2014. Pocket change in comparison to the $4.2 billion it sold it for in 2016. Not too shabby an investment!


We’re pretty sure there is no greater feeling than lifting that belt of glory post victory. But victory must taste a little sweeter knowing it’s worth a cool $300,000. Each belt is made from real gold? Better add that one to the insurance policy.

a ufc championship belt made of gold


Mixed martial arts was considered too violent when it first hit the scene, often being referred to as ‘human cock fighting’. New York was the last state in the U.S to legalise and regulate the sport.


Brazilian Vitor Beltfort holds the record for the most UFC knock outs at a whopping 12!

two athletes fighting a ufc match


The Octagon was inspired by none other than the famous Chuck Norris. According to List 25, Jason Cusson was inspired by the 1980’s film, The Octagon staring our favourite red head.


It’s with no surprise that the feisty Irishman, Conor McGregor tops the list of all time highest paid UFC fighters. He has earned his million fighting in UFC however his main pay day came from the infamous boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, earning him and easy $75 million.

a close up photo of irish UFC fighter conor mcgregor

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