5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Rugby World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup kicking off, we’re talking all things rugby this month. Get a one up on your mates with our quirky rugby facts below.  


For those of you who aren’t already glued to your TV’s watching every single game of the Rugby World Cup, we’re one week in and loving all the action from Japan. We were pretty stoked the Aussies got a win against Fiji! While it’s easy enough to sit down with a beer and enjoy the game, but do you know much about the history? Get yourself acquainted with some fun facts below.

Rugby Whistle Blowing

Since 1905, did you know the same whistle has been blown for the opening of every Rugby World Cup Tournament. It was first used by a Welsh referee during a game between England & New Zealand and stuck ever since. We’re not sure about the hygiene on that one. This year, this little piece of history made the 20,000 km journey from London by bicycle and ferry.

Big Win

The biggest winning margin during the world cup was recorded in 2003 between Australia v Namibia. Australia won 142-0. Go us! New Zealand are the only team to score more points than that, defeating Japan 145–17 in 1995.

a rugby player being hoisted into the air to catch the ball

The Mighty All Blacks

The all Blacks have reached at least the Semi-Finals every year except 2007. Got to give it to them, they pretty darn good!

The National Anthem

Did you know it was Rugby that started the tradition of singing a national anthem before a sporting event? According to Sportinglandmakrs.co, it was a result the first rugby match between Wales and New Zealand, where New Zealand did the Haka and the Welsh responding with their national anthem!

the all blacks rugby team doing the haka

How Rugby Started

While we have no proof of this one, it is a bit of an urban legend that the game was invented by a rebellious school boy name William Webb Ellis. He was playing with a football ignoring the current rules, ran into the goals with it.

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