Have a budget for your next party? This is where to spend it.

And it doesn’t include spending on venue hire.

Thanks to Instagram, party trends have been growing like wild fire. While we’d all like to wake up to a bottomless pit of cash to throw at your next bash, there are a few things that can be done on little budget that will really create the ‘wow’ moments.

the pizza shop space with croquet area

Customisation and Personalisation, darling

And there’s a lot of ways to do it. Having something customised like a menu or a welcome easel that you can design online and print at your local is one thing. Having something personalised for your guests to take home is the real winner. But remember to order this well ahead of time. Personalised honey or jam jars, mini spirit bottles and soap bars are top of our list.

A Cocktail to Start, for the boomy

There’s nothing better than making your way to a party and having a cocktail in your hand on arrival for three reasons. It’s an ice breaker, you don’t have to say your hellos and leave to get a drink right away and you can get a killer Insta-boomerang of you cheers-ing with your main squeeze.

When you book your birthday feast at Park House, you feast for free plus you and all your guests get a cocktail on us to start! Win-win.


a pink margarita with edible flower on top

The One Long Table Trend

Park House is a big lover of the one big table for sit down events especially as some of our spaces are so perfect for it. It gets everyone talking, passing dishes and drinks, and makes for a really beautiful atmosphere.


eleanors 30th set up with one long table

Find a venue that doesn’t charge minimum spends or venue hire.

That’s us! We don’t charge venue hire for our spaces at all and if you book within 4 weeks of your event, we’ll waive minimum spend.


lounges in food merchants bar