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Eleanor Pendleton’s 30th

Need inspiration on an upcoming birthday, engagement, hens, or something in between?

It seems the trend to have one long table for a milestone celebration is taking over events across Sydney (and the world). Not only does it take away from having to worry about who’s sitting on whose table, it creates a beautiful all-inclusive vibe where guests can pass dishes around, share bottles of Prosecco and enjoy their day.

eleanors 30th set up with one long table

The Set Up 

Park House had their first ‘one long table’ event with Eleanor Pendleton’s 30th birthday earlier in summer in our Sun Room. (How fitting for a summer event!).

everyone raising a glass to the birthday girl

Although the space doesn’t really need additional styling, the white flowers and palms down the table complemented the mahogany space, with the sun coming through the wooden pillars above, creating gorgeous, naturally lit photos. (We all know natural lighting is the ultimate filter for the Gram.)

The Food 

With the space set, Eleanor’s guests started to arrive and this meant one thing; food! Guests enjoyed the grand house feast starting with fresh Southern Californian dishes like Guacamole and Snapper Ceviche. The mains were the real heroes though with slow cooked salmon, lamb and harissa spiced wood roasted chicken to really fill the belly.


collage of three hero dishes from the feast


By now you’re thinking that everyone would have been full, but we all know that dessert goes to the soul, not the stomach. Lime tarts with sour cream chantilly and valrhona fudge brownies with dulce de leche were served to finish lunch off while guests sipped on red wine and champagne.

Just when you thought the birthday couldn’t get any better, Santa decided to stop in! You can’t beat that for a December birthday.

Need some help to plan an epic birthday?


Speak to our events team about what we can do for your next celebration. If you book a house feast for your birthday, you’ll receive complimentary bottle of Piper Heidsieck champagne!




*Santa not guaranteed in package.

Photo Credit: Luke Latty