The Impacts of COVID on Live Music

As we launch our new sit-down gigs: PARKED in Front Yard, we talk about the impact COVID has had on local artists.

Band playing in the venue

Live music is back on the beaches, and we’re thrilled to be the ones hosting it! Before lock down struck, Front Yard was always a place where small local bands could make their debut and be supported by the local beaches crowd that we love. Since then Front Yard has been a bit broken-hearted and so have we.

As much as we would love to come back in the same capacity as we left you, we’re looking at the new normal. So that’s why we’re back with our new Saturday night concept: PARKED in Front Yard. Your looking at our new sit-down gigs featuring some of the best local entertainment, every Saturday night from 10pm.

Our first two SOLD OUT shows with Scoot the Loot & Amber Rose in September saw the two local bands from the beaches grace the stage with the crowd bopping away and singing along at their tables. We sat down with Toby Jones, drummer from both bands to get an insight into what it finally feels like to be back on stage after all these months.

Live Music Park House Mona Vale Every Saturday

Hey Toby, cheers for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. It was so awesome to see you back playing for our sold out shows in September. How did it feel to be back playing in front of a crowd and how long has it been since your last gig?

Yeah I loved being able to do the double up! It was so special to be able to play the first week back with Scoot the Loot, as it was our first show in pretty close to 6 months. Parky is our favourite local and we all really missed live music there so it was awesome to bring it back in front of friends!

How has your band been affected by the COVID restrictions around live music? Did you have a line-up of gigs planned before the shut-down began in March?

Covid restrictions have been crazy! We had about 10 gigs in 3 cities lined up back in March/April when everything was shut down so that was pretty upsetting! But yeah it’s been a really good chance to wind down and finally record some stuff which is always fun.

We are so happy to be able to bring back live music on the beaches in this capacity. What are you thoughts on sit-down gigs? Is this format something you think your audience can enjoy?

We’re stoked it’s back too! Sit down gigs are definitely something I hadn’t experienced previously, but tables fill up the whole Front Yard bar from the door to the stage, so it still felt really full. Even though the audience is spaced out everyone still really gets into it and it actually feels like people are really listening intently to what we were playing which was nice. We loved it, definitely a pleasant surprise!

Do you think there is more that local venues can do to support musicians, whist also being COVID compliant?

I think it’s definitely doable. The staff at Parky did an amazing job keeping people in their seats and cleaning up all the time. We all felt very safe and we were still able to enjoy ourselves. As long as there’s enough space and people are respectful I can see it happening in other places for sure.

We’ve definitely seen your face around Park House long before this year. As a local to the venue, how would you describe your experience as both a musician and a visitor to Park House in the past?

I absolutely love coming along to Park House! There’s just such a great sense of community there. Live music every weekend in our own backyard is the absolute dream. As an artist, it’s so valuable to be able to have a place to play so close to home, and it’s been sick to see so many other locals take the stage as well. As a local, I can’t imagine what weekends would be like without it!

What do you hope 2021 holds for your bands?

2021 is looking very exciting for both of the bands I’m in! Both have got new songs ready and raring to go, and hopefully as restrictions lift we’ll be playing many more shows off the back of it.

Band playing in the venue

Want to see what all the sold out fuss is all about? Grab your closest mates, a ticket to PARKED and enjoy that long awaited hit of live music at our house. Your ticket will include a cold one from the legends at Balter and access to the capacity-restricted show of your choosing!

Check out our October line up and grab your ticket here:

Saturday 10th Oct – Monkey Knife Fight & Tiali Eliza

Saturday 17th Oct – Mild West & Edgecliff

Saturday 24th Oct – Liquid Time & Astral Plane

Saturday 31st Oct – Bread Club & The Assets