One Gig At A Time!

The secret’s out. The old Mona Vale Hotel is no more. Gone are the teenybopper Thursdays, and we’ve consigned the sweaty techno Saturdays to the big ol’ beat drop in the sky.


In their place we bring you Park House Food & Liquor.


It’s no surprise that things needed to change around here. The Mona Vale community is all grown up, and we didn’t want to be that crop top you wore circa ten years ago that now lives in a box in the attic along with other cast-off things. So hey, we grew up too.


But although things may look a little different, and we’re not really into drinking vodka Red Bulls until 3am, there’s one thing that’s been built into these walls and it’s here to stay – live music.


When it comes to live music, Mona Vale has got a good thing going. Moving Pictures were the first to catch the venue’s instrumental magic. They rattled the pub’s walls hundreds of times with their 1982 single What About Me. The song went on to top the charts in Australia and hit number 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100, staying there for a long time (before a 2004 resurrection, courtesy of Nollsy).

Moving Pictures live in action.


Fast-forward a few decades, and that talent train kept rolling. Music gods such as Wolfmother, The Presets and The Celibate Rifles have packed the place out, while the venue continued to launch local bands to stardom. And we won’t be changing a thing.

Local Band Ocean Alley playing at Mona Vale Hotel
Image credit Ocean Alley Facebook Page


Alongside our tasty cocktails and flavour-packed menu, Park House has live music at its heart and that heart’s going to go right on beating. We will continue to do what the venue has always done – be a stage for local bands and a place where music is celebrated.


Our house is a place for good company, great food and even better live music. So come on over – we’ve left a key under the mat.