Spritzing Up Spring

What’s better than getting your friends together on a Spring afternoon and refreshing yourself over a wonderful beverage? Well, as it so happens, Aperol are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Becoming more iconic year on year, the light and orange beverage has become some what of a cult hit. Finding its way into instagram photos from Sydney all the way to the far reaches of the Mediterranean Sea, it has become the drink of choice for all. It hits the tongue and takes you to a far away place that is nostalgic of your holidays, it screams summer and is the perfect balance of sweet and refreshing.

Aligning itself with wanderlust and lux lifestyles, the brand has perfectly captured the experience of the Amalfi Coast and brought it to the world through a beverage. As the decades passed, Aperol Spritz’ iconic hue became a common sight at bars and cafes. It was soon the drink of choice for glamorous socialites from Padua to the French Riviera and beyond. Aperol eventually became the best-selling spirit in Italy. It’s a rather simple cocktail with just 2 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, served over ice and topped with soda water, then garnish with orange to finish it up perfectly.

You’ll be hard pressed not to find them in a venue near you this Summer, with pop ups happening all over Sydney and the country. They’ve not only survived the test of time, but they’ve thrived year on year with their simplicity done well mentality. Grab yourself a glass, get your friends together, and raise those glasses to a Summer of fun. We’ll definitely be indulging in a jug or two to kick off our warmer weather season.


Lets all get a little bit orange together and share the moment together.


Much love to the drink that keeps on giving.