Pssssst – here’s a sneak peek at your future dinner plates…


Sharing is Caring

Here’s what we know at Park House: nothing brings people together like good food. As Mr Johnny Cash said: “It’s the needing and the sharing that makes that meal complete.” *


And so we’ve cooked a big spoonful of come-together-right-now into every dish on the Park House menu.


You really have to be there, but try this virtual reality: imagine inhaling a long draw of smoky, wood-roasted oven aroma, tearing off a chunk of our fresh, house made bread and loading it up with creamy Applewood smoked labneh. At the first bite, those crunchy oven roasted pistachios and silky herbed olive oil start the real good times rolling in your mouth. Sharing is our suggestion, but we understand if your communal ideals collapse beneath the urge to eat all of the mouthfuls. If your friends are real, they will forgive.


With flavours inspired by the Golden State, we’ve fused the best bits from Mexican, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine in a menu so irresistible you’ll wonder how you coped without it. Relax; those days are gone now.


Seeing is believing, so here’s a visual. Be warned – you’re about to get very hungry.


*The song was Breaking Bread. Johnny knew a thing or two about getting down around a table.

Beautiful W.A. Octopus has been slowly braised in Olive oil (scented with herbs & garlic) for one & a half hours which makes it super tender. It is then cooked again in the wood fire to impart an amazing smoky flavour and lightly charred outer crust.  This is served with cashew mole verde and yoghurt & finished with a fresh pickled cabbage salad, lemon and olive oil.

Seared Pork cutlet which has been roasted in a pan and cooked until pink.  Using the same pan diced apples, torn sage is quickly sautéed then deglaze with water and finished with a knob of butter.  Served on a bed of house smoked cauliflower puree and finished with a drizzle of pekmez .

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  • My wife and I took our friends from QLD to check out the new eatery in town last night. Wow what a beautiful job on the renos !
    We were greeted by the Supervisor (sorry did not get your name a beautiful Czech lady) who directed us to the front desk where the smiling staff found us the perfect table. Our host for the night was the amazing Ella-Jane
    who looked after us all night and explained all the dishes to us and we chose the Feast a taste of everything. The food was sensational and the service was the best on the Northern Beaches.
    The flavors of all the different dishes unbelievable they just so work together.
    The place was jumping a great atmosphere.
    All of us agreed that it was the best meal we have had since !!!
    An amazing dinning experience. Thank you to all the great Staff.(especially Ella – Jane)
    We are going to bring all our friends to enjoy
    The experience.

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