Our Favourite Summer Dishes from the Restaurant

As the summer heat waves rev up and you can feel the humidity through your hair, we have a new Food Merchants Restaurant menu with old favourites and some new daring dishes. Whether it’s from the soil, sea or one of the beautiful cuts of meats from across Australia, there’s something for everyone.

snapper ceviche at park house food merchants

Our recent menu takes both traditional and contemporary concepts and delivers dishes that hero big, bold, brazen flavours. From Mexico to Mona Vale, our in house Cali Guacamole commences a kaleidoscopic sensory experience, perfectly accompanied by our fresh Sydney Rock Oysters with aguachile & lemon. Snapper also features in our restaurant’s ceviche, which is plated with a tostada, grapefruit, avocado, lime, jalapeno, tobiko & tamar making it a perfect summer choice in Mona Vale.

spaghetti pipi at park house food merchants       australian steaks from food merchants in mona vale

Our chefs produce a number of mouth watering mains, most notably our prawn spaghetti, seasoned in a cocktail of mint, parsley, chilli, butter and lemon. When our guests ask us what that beautiful smell is as they walk through the restaurant, it’s usually this spaghetti!

If seafood and crustaceans are not what you’re after, the restaurant’s grill range may be the way to go. The grill offers a beautiful range of classics like lamb cutlets or cuts of meat from Armidale, Darling Downs and the Riverine Premium. You can style this experience to suit your own palette with a selection of sauces including romesco, chimichurri or mustards.

Here at Mona Vale, we definitely don’t discriminate against a sweet tooth. The restaurant favourite, fried bunuelos is made spectacular with a dulche de leche cream and cinnamon praline. For a more tropical vibe, we have a lime tart brulée, plated with praline, and a sour cream chantilly, reminiscent of a perfect summer breeze.

lime tart available from food merchants restaurant

Mouth watering as you’re reading this? Our restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day until 13th Jan!

After that, we’ll be open for dinner 7 nights and lunch Friday – Sunday.

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