5 Tips for Making Pizza Like a Pro!

We have just launched All You Can Eat Pizza in truck stop, (you’re welcome). To spark some excitement & make you drool, we’re giving you an insider look on how we make the perfect pizza.

1. Respect your dough

A common mistake when making dough is using plain flour, which doesn’t create a good base for your pizza. You need to switch it out for bakers flour, which is strong enough to ferment for a few days, and the longer you let it ferment the better the flavour!

2. Stretch your dough, don’t roll it!

Forget the rolling pin, it’s all about using your hands. You want to keep the beautiful bubbly texture, just like in Italy.

3. Try make your own tomato base

If you have the time, purée some tomato yourself, with a little olive oil & basil – it gives it that delicious authentic taste. Bring out your inner Italian!

4. Use the right cheese

Treat yourself a little and put the shredded mozzarella away! Fresh is always best. It melts perfectly on the pizza and tastes a whole lot better!

A man holding a Magherita Pizza

5. Use your domestic oven to the best of your ability!

Unless you have a gorgeous pizza oven built into your entertaining area, here are some tips for cooking your pizza with your conventional oven. Use the grill & turn it up to the highest temperature, this will cook your pizza fast & efficiently, just like a traditional wood-fired oven. For the best results, invest in a baking stone. It helps even out the heat across the base of the pizza, cooking it & not burning it.

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