Some Quality Northern Beaches Beers

The Northern Beaches, or as the locals call it, Gods Country, is home to many a great thing. Beaches, great cafes and pubs, glorious tans, surfboard makers and BEER! At the tail end of the list is where things start to get really amazing. This little pocket of paradise provides the goods in a big way for the locals. With inspiration pouring out quicker than you can get a schooner out of the keg, it’s no wonder that so many delicious beers are born here.

Leading the pack in all of this is 4Pines. They found a sweet little old spot in the heart of Newport about a decade ago and have been producing some amazing drops ever since. Finding fame originally for their Pale Ales and then growing from there, introducing more diverse and interesting flavours to their archive. With now a staple of 8 beers in constant cycle and their mysterious Keller door range, which rotates flavours and creations on a regular basis, so that the punter never gets bored.

After many years of success, you’d be hard pressed to walk into a venue on the Northern Beaches and not find a 4pines staring straight back at you. They’ve done incredibly well to become the beverage of choice for many of the children of the self proclaimed Gods Country. For the month of December you’ll be able to find several of their range on rotation, each more delicious than the next and offering refreshment like no other.


Come on down to Park House and explore some absolute flavours with our December brewer of the month. If you’re looking for a post surf refreshment or a pre-big night warmer, then 4pines will have you sorted at Park House this Summer. We’ve got all your beer drinking needs covered and will be looking forward to a frothy couple with you.

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