Do Us Proud!

School sports carnivals have to be one of the greatest days in the school year. Speaking from personal experience here, even if you are rubbish at sport, you still count down the sleeps until you’re track side dressed head to toe in your team colours (including spray painted hair).


The Pacific School games is like the Olympics for school sport. Around 4000 school-aged students from at least 15 different countries participate in 11 different sports at the highest level. It’s something only casual sports carnival goers could ever dream of, but for a handful of little locals this dream is an absolute reality.


Will Munro is 1 of a number of Northern beaches residents fighting for a title in the 10th annual games. As the son of Steph Munro who owns Ativ8, a sporting information hub for youths, it’s only fitting that he is competing internationally in not 1, but 3 diving categories! These include the 12yrs spring board, platform & synchronised diving.


Among the other Beaches competitors is Alana from Mona Vale who actually made 2 different sports state teams but had to choose just one to compete in – she chose basketball.


The games are on December 3 – 9, 2017, we can’t wait to hear how these guys do!


For more info on the Pacific School Games visit:

For more info on Activ8 visit:

Will Munro will be competing in 3 diving categories.

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