Experience Northern Beaches Breweries In One Place


is a unique Northern Beaches spin on the traditional festival which is Oktoberfest. Working with local brewers such as 4pines, Modus Operandi, & NOMAD to bring you an experience that you won’t easily find elsewhere. With live entertainment, traditional German sausages, a day dedicated to Schnitzels, family friendly activities and of course, the chicken dance.



Our friends just down the way in Newport, have been in the game for many years now. Establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the game of brewing. Boasting an 8 beer range, covering lagers, ales and stouts, with regular unique drops coming out of their tanks. With a goal and vision to create refreshing and tasty drops that can be drunk in any situation, whilst constantly pushing the boundaries of what beer can taste like. Get stuck into one of their drops for a pleasant flavour experience.


Modus Operandi

Lovely neighbours just over the road have been running since 2012. With a desire to create quality craft beer(and drink plenty of it). They’ve been all around America, sampling and learning. Finally they came back to the motherland and set up shop, with one goal in mind – beer! With specialty hops flown in from all corners of the globe, the guys are able to create such a wide variety of flavours. Covering heavy hitting range of core beers and one off limited releases on a regular basis. These master brewers are making a statement and helping put Northern Beaches on the map as a brewing destination. They’ve also recently taken out title of Champion Australian Independent Brewery, leaving them as the most awarded brewery in Aus at current.



If you’re a person who can’t say no to something different, look no further than NOMAD. The guys have created a reputation with some of the most exciting and interesting flavour concoctions  this side of anywhere. Working frequently with indigenous flavours such as Lemon Myrtle, Finger Limes, Hibiscus & Wattleseed. A big part of their mentality lies in matching food with beer, which is what drives them to create such interesting and diverse flavours. Drawing inspiration from the Italian mentality for food & alcohol of using local ingredients, NOMAD have taken this to their own level. Their first, and still running, beer is the Freshie – a Salt & Pepper Gose, one of the early adopters to have a full time Gose in their core range. Their beers truly mirror their own personality, which is full of character, life, charm and uniqueness. Have a sip and become a fan yourself.

If you’re into craft beer and want to experience the varieties of flavours that the Northern Beaches has to offer, look no further for your Oktoberfest celebration.

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