Brewer In Residence – Furphy

For the month of October we’re showcasing Furphy Beer. Furphy is a refreshing ale that is Geelong born and brewed from 100% Victorian hops & malt. The first sip is clean and crisp, with a subtle balance of fruit and malt to keep it interesting. The finish is smooth and pleasantly refreshing. Given our Geelong brewery used to be an old mill, it’s no surprise Furphy is an easy-drinking ale that’s perfect for a session of yarn spinning.



With a penchant for flavoursome beer and exciting life styles, they’ve perfectly attached themselves to the adventure culture here in Australia. You can find them frequently at interesting events and their social media is scattered with photos from fishing, mountain climbing, snow boarding and far more.  If you haven’t already refreshed yourself with their refreshing ale, then jump on a Furphy today.



Having their base of operations set up in a previous sugar mill, they have converted it into a full operational beer making magic wonderland. It’s really an amazing journey that has gone on for them. Over the past few years they have managed to cement themselves as a name to be reckoned with in the craft beer game. Instead of trying to create a million different flavours, they’ve simply created one and done it to perfection. It’s a light drop with fruity undertones that really just leaves you with a positive experience. Living by the mantra of do something well, or don’t do something at all, it’s clear that they’ve found their calling on this one.

Swing on into the bar anytime and refresh yourself with a Furphy for the month of October. Valid with our Burger & Beer special on Wednesdays and Schnitzel & Beer combo on Mondays. It’s the perfect way to wash doing our amazing food, especially come the warmer months of summer.

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