A few of our favourite things in life: hot coffee, finishing work early and a great photo.


Well, Blonde Shooter aka. Shay Cooper has got the last one covered.

Chances are you’ve already caught an eyeful of Shay’s work on our Facebook. When we stumbled across his page a few months ago, we felt like we had just discovered Beyoncé – his photos blew us away, oh and the icing on the cake? He’s a ripe 23 years old.


We reached out to the legend behind the lens and asked him a few questions. Sit back, relax and get to know Shay, but before you do, get on your Instagram & search @blondeshooter.

You’re welcome.


Describe your work in 3 words:

 Unique, Pools, Beach  


What was the reasoning behind creating Blonde Shooter?

 To be honest I wanted something that was memorable and I was out of original names, so I’ve got blonde hair, and I shoot photos, so why not join them? It worked and I liked it, but saying it to people in real life I get some pretty funny reply’s haha.


Is photography something you have always wanted to do or did you just fall on a camera one day and realise you were bloody good at using it?

I’ve always liked photography growing up skating and taking photos of my mates skating but I didn’t start taking it all too serious up till 5 months ago when I bought my drone, and that’s when it became a passion.


Well it’s paid off as The Blonde Shooter label is becoming iconic for the insane beach drone beach shots, did you have to fork out a hefty loan to get that started?

Unfortunately yes, but it is all worth it seeing my work being purchased for art works for people’s homes and being set as people’s backgrounds on their phones.


We know your favourite place to shoot is Mona beach 😉 but when’s your favourite time to shoot?

 Hahah it is indeed, my favourite time is “Golden Hour” a term used by photographers for sunrise & sunset.


Have you had any funny experiences shooting that you can tell us about?

 I’ve had a few but the one that comes to mind is when I finished work one day early and decided to go out to Bronte Beach, I spent about 2 hours on buses and trains to get there, only to realise that I brought all my gear but no batteries, I had no other choice but to laugh about it and enjoy the sunset.


What’s your greatest achievement to date?

Honestly it would be every time I sell one of my photo’s, I never thought I’d get the opportunity to and I just hit 30 orders as of today! 


You have a heap of early morning shots on your Instagram, are you a coffee man?

 Definitely, I’m not a morning person at all and coffee helps me get my groove started. 


Whats your favourite thing about Mona Vale?

What’s not too love, it’s got the quiet community feel to it, one of the best skate parks and beaches in Sydney, heck, Australia. Throw in the mix Park House and you’ve got no reason to leave!


We noticed you’ve become a regular at Front Yard! Whats your fave burger?

 For sure am! Oooo that’s tough but I’ll have to give it to the Shakin Bacon Burger! 


Lastly, you’re stranded on a desserted island but granted 3 items, what are they?

A drone with unlimited battery life, a case of Corona & an iPod. 


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