Chatting Perfect Beers And Secrets With Panheads Head Brewer

We caught up with the head brewer of Panhead Brewers to talk about his experience with making beer and getting a small NZ brand to the level it’s at now. He’ll be in the venue tomorrow night(Thursday the 31st of May) to tell you all about the brand, the beer and all the exciting things that they have coming up.


  • How does one become chief brewing engineer of a major brewery – what’s your background?

For me Brewing started as a bit of a hobby in the garage, that soon turned into a pretty full on passion. I was fortunate enough to land a roll in the only brewery at the time in Wellington which gave me the large scale practical skills and confidence to start Panhead.

  • What is the story behind your brand?

Pretty simple really, I’m a bogan, well bogans over here are different than Aussie bogans, probably more sophisticated in NZ. Anyway being a bogan I’m into Cars and bikes, so it’s just a representation of what I like.

  • What is your favourite beer from your own product range?


What’s my Favourite Beer? Gees thats a tricky one as I made the beers I like drinking and its more of the occasion thing. I love NZ pilsners, clean malt, assertive bitterness and plenty of hop aroma. They’re good for drinking on a hot day and or any day.

  • What is important for your work as a brewer? What matters most to you?


It has to be attention to detail, one slip up and the beer can be goosed!!

  • What is your tip for a perfect beer?

The tip for a perfect beer has to be balance. Too bitter and it’s a mouthful, not bitter enough it may as well be water! Too fruity and… well this could go on for a long time.


Come down and sample the range for yourself!


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